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BTS Blast from the House of Buster + Punch

The shoot for the House of Buster + Punch was packed with creative energy as our crew and cast laid down some truly electrifying footage. Rappers rubbed shoulders with lifestyle icons and rocker models, while our world champion pole dancer gave an ovation-worthy performance.

Here’s a few highlights from a shoot we’ll not forget in a hurry.


The Rapper
The talent of recording artist Amwin (Amanda Winberg) is matched only by her ferocious energy and charisma. At House of Buster + Punch Warming Party, she tore the roof off.

The Rockstar
Enigmatic snake-hipped model Truls channels the great axe welders of our time. With the kind of cool factor most would trade a limb for, he lets chords speak for him.

Lifestyle Icon
Johnny Edlind and Buster + Punch go way back. We like him so much, we didn’t even ask for a month up front when he wanted to move into the House of Buster + Punch.

The World Champion Pole Dancer
Get Slava Ruza in front of a camera and magic becomes reality. A world champion in his art form, whose poise and control are literally second to none.

House Of B+P

Come on in.