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The Oppenheim Group’s new LA ‘Selling Sunset’ Location

For the sixth season of the smash Netflix reality real estate series, Selling Sunset,
The Oppenheim Group drops images and footage of its new HQ. And it’s a real

With a decade under its belt, the firm’s founder, Jason Oppenheim felt the time was
perfect for a new backdrop. Lavish materials, tactile fabrics, decadent blends of
colour, and statement lighting combine with exceptional attention to detail.

“Without question, my favourite lighting in the entire world is Buster + Punch. I have
used them in every residential project I have done and all of my offices.”

– Jason Oppenheim

To complete the new space, Oppenheim has pulled a selection of his favourites from
Buster + Punch including lighting, hardware and detailing.

We’re sold – what a project.