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“For a long time we’ve wanted to build a custom motorcycle for the everyman. This 125cc LDN born Mutt motorcycle let’s you feel like a rockstar, during your daily commute and all for only $7,000.”

A 125cc mutt motorcycle. Born in London and built in collaboration with Mutt Motorcycles. Custom finished with Buster + Punch paintwork and solid metal detailing. Available in a limited edition run of 50, with each bike having a unique racing number on the tank.


London architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale launched the Buster + Punch label in 2013. Following a career at Foster & Partners, which evolved into creating his design agency Minale + Mann, he has subsequently carved out a reputation with his precision-cut lighting and beautifully crafted hardware. His passion for making extraordinary products truly accessible, is matched only by his interest in motorcycles, metalwork and music.