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Buster + Punch’s latest collaboration is with young British chef Tom Sellers. Buster + Punch has designed a new raw steel candle holder for Seller’s famed beef FAT CANDLE dish, served at his Michelin starred London restaurant Story.

Fat Candle

The beef fat candle itself, is a homage to Seller’s father, who saved the fat and juices from family Sunday lunches to eat later with fresh bread. Bread and dripping was a popular meal among the northern working classes and Seller’s has adapted this tradition into a staple dish at his restaurant, since it opened in 2013. Guests are served ‘The Fat Candle’ at Restaurant Story with no explanation and it is only when they are later provided with beef extract, relish and bread that they realise it is edible.

The FAT CANDLE holder is a modern update on the Victorian style candle holder. Featuring a deep metal dish to collect the warm ‘beef dripping’ wax and a signature Buster + Punch knurled handle, making it portable. The candle holder is made from raw solid stainless steel and will be made in limited numbers only.