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[ type. NEW ARRIVALS ]
[ finish. BRASS ]
[ need. NOW ]

Create your own custom toggle switch, dimmer or outlet designs. Combining modules, wall plates and detail kits allow you to mix plate finish and detail finish, as well as functions such as a combined toggle and dimmer switch.

[ Photography. Thomas Seear-Budd ]

Objects of desire

[ type. KITCHEN SPACE. ]
[ finish. SMOKED BRONZE. ]
[ sneak. PEAK. ]

Annika Rowson’s latest project is a one-off celebration of minimalistic elegance, unmistakably wrapped in sleek modernity. The vibe is VOGUE.


[ type. HOTEL ROOM ]
[ product. ELECTRICITY ]
[ finish. BRASS ]

In the heart of Riga, we find Hotel A22, -a fantastic setting whether you are an interior design enthusiast or just a hotel guest looking for a great stay.