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Designer’s Own

“I discovered Buster + Punch during an inspiration trip in London and felt it was the perfect brand to carry through into my own apartment in Amsterdam we were drafting,”

explains Annerie Eshuis, Escasa design studio

Being an interior designer, she wanted to bring the levels of boutique hotel luxury into their new home, which would also be home to their collection of modern art. With extra attention given to details for a coherent aesthetic. Eshuis explored layers of nuanced colours and textures, using linen wallpaper and darker, 70s-inspired, wooden floors with mosaic elements for a very unified interior. 

Steel Buster + Punch hardware grounds the design holistically, while Hooked and Heavy Metal pendants are on lighting duty throughout the various rooms. 

A supremely liveable apartment that shows once again that the devil’s in our details.

[project. ESCASA.]

[photography. THIBAULT DE SCHEPPER.]