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In the quest for the perfect interior, the smallest details are vital.

As we spend more and more time inside, it’s those smaller details which draw our attention most. Little design details which can be swapped in seconds but raise your home to a completely new creative paradigm.
Perhaps it’s why we’ve had peaks recently in our hardware fans. You don’t need a degree in architecture or have to hire in the experts to switch out a DOOR HANDLE or fit a DOOR STOP, but when you stand back and admire your handwork the transformational beauty speaks for itself. 

We set ourselves a small ‘task’ this year, to use a slice of our time to focus on interior details that we’ve not given the Buster + Punch treatment to before. Our new UK TUBULAR LATCH is one of the first releases from our creative sessions and it ties together Buster + Punch’s door hardware range in a supremely eye-catching way. 

The new tubular latches are designed to work in conjunction with Buster + Punch door lever handles and door knobs for interior doors. The sprung latch gives a satisfyingly smooth, consistent action at the handle, with the spring weight tailored for door handles and door knobs to give the optimum feel. 

These new releases will ensure your doors will now look fantastic from every conceivable angle.

Tubular Latches metal faceplate and strike plate are machined from solid metal and brushed by hand, with matching latch tongue in brass or steel. A deadbolt version for Buster + Punch door Thumbturns is also available.

Finishes available: steel, brass and black.