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The stripped down studio where every detail counts

Up high, where eagles dare, and nestled between its eaves, this Stockholm loft uses minimal effort to maximise its small footprint. 

Situated on the breathtakingly beautiful (they always are, aren’t they) island of Dalarö, the apartment and its smartly executed interior uses objects and furniture sparingly to make quality win over quantity. The effect opens up the interior without compromising functionality, with black and greyscale in play as a detail – pulling your attention to areas of interest like a director of photography frames movie shots.

It’s a risky move, so your details need to be bang on point and curated with care. Contrasting proportions for ceramics, blocky pedestals to lift art and sculpture from the floor feature here. Buster + Punch HEAVY METAL pendants slice up the exposed beams in the kitchen area and tactile DIMMERS and SOCKETS show that this is a dwelling where details run the show.

Apartment for sale via WREDE

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