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A Detailed Dreamland

Bought by Aramis Golmohammadi and her boyfriend, Alexander in the Summer of 2021, this Stockholm apartment was renovated with a clear vision and focus on detail that goes beyond the norm.

The couple loves to entertain and spend time with friends and family. As a result, much of the design is focussed on creating spaces for social gatherings. “We had a vision that we can welcome guests in the ‘round room’ and mingle around a little table but still have access to the kitchen and our wines,” she says.

The kitchen itself features a rounded sofa and dining table, bringing the feeling of going out for a meal to dining in as well. Guests can settle around the round sofa while the couple prepares meals and engage in conversation.

“We wanted to have easy access to electricity sockets throughout the home. So basically, every dimmer, socket, and outlet are from Buster + Punch, in smoked bronze with brass detailing, and B+P hardware to match. It’s so beautiful we don’t need to try and mask it from sight. It’s more of a design feature, which is great,” Aramis continues.

Muted colours, stones, and incredibly intricate panelling glide into each other throughout the apartment. With eye-popping detailing, like dimmer switches nestling in nooks and smoked bronze hardware used as accents. The couple has recently expanded their B+P look with a few pieces from our Travis Barker collaboration, which sit perfectly in this refined, confident home.