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The studio of Travis Barker hits all the right notes

Aside from his musical projects, recent years have seen Barker reinvent the definition of what it means to be a multidisciplinary creative. That includes his recent collab with Buster + Punch, the Skull Collection.

To many of his collaborators, his studio is as much a second home as a place of work. Somewhere that reflects his diverse influences, including a love of architecture and design.

His LA studio projects a contrast between subdued neutral spaces and areas where colour, art, light, and materials give an energetic motivational kick to the music being laid down.

Drawn up by Soler Architects, with consolation from AD110’s Waldo Fernandez, the studio fit-out includes a host of details, lighting, and hardware from the design world’s own genre-flexible label, Buster + Punch.

A custom Chandelier pulls the focus in the meeting room, while Heavy Metal Pendants, Caged wall, and ceiling lights flow into other areas. Bringing everything together is B+P’s cross-knurled hardware and detailing, a nod to classic valve amps.

The studio design has been so well received that it’s been known for Barker and his collaborators to invent reasons to go there. Music to the ears, and other senses too.