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Pure interior inspiration

“This is the first time we’ve had a space big enough to make all our dreams come true.” 

– Natasha Anderlund, interior designer. 

Observatoriegatan is definitely one of those rare projects that projects quality from every angle. With a classy colour palette, stunning material selections and detailing that draws the eye, the renovation of this old book company’s storage space is next level. 

“After the renovation, it’s hard for even us to remember how it used to look, it’s been such a huge transformation,” notes Natasha Anderlund, interior designer and Observatoriegatan’s owner.

The central element of the renovation was to create a big social kitchen space that serves as the home’s heart. Somewhere you can spend hours in, preparing food, entertaining or simply being together. Another idea was to sculpt a spacious bathroom with the potential to act as an ‘extra room’. 

Anderlund wanted to balance the existing period details and history with the newer elements, and virtually every aspect of its interior architecture has been designed from scratch. “We always make out own sketches for the kitchen, wardrobe, shelving and tie it to the floor plan for a seamless look,” she explains. 

To eventuate the ceiling height, lots of the storage is floor to ceiling, and Anderlund points out that the greige tones and sandy hues were used to warm the spaces, with the woods and marble being a red thread which plays out through the entire home. 

Anderlund has used Buster + Punch in a few previous projects, drawn to the industrial elegance or the lighting, electricity range and hardware“We’ve probably used B+P everywhere we can. Switches, pull bars, and it really gives the bathroom a spa feeling,” she adds. 

The whole project has a slickness to it, each room flowing effortlessly into the next with a natural grace that’s so effortless it’s easy to overlook just how well composed it is. A textbook example of materials, colour and those all-important details.


[photography. PHILIP MACCANN.]