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Dogs and Buster + Punch go hand in paw – you might even have met our store buddy, Birger if you’ve come to hang out with us in Stockholm. So when we set out to craft our pet accessories line, we wanted to go all in and give each piece the kind of attention to detail that all our collections have.

Our new DOG BOWL has a blend of details, finishing and attitude to ensure your four-legged friend always feels like top dog.

If you’ve got a dog you know that its bowl is an element of your interior – it’s on display, so it needs to look sharp. Ours is made from two sheets of stainless steel, pressed into shape with contrasting sandblasted and polished details. A subtle Buster + Punch stamp finishes everything off. 

Buster + Punch’s DOG BOWL is available in two sizes, in brass or gun metal. (And, yes, you’re allowed to have one even if you don’t actually own a dog.)

Our DOG BOWL comes in gift packaging, making it perfect for any dog lover to unbox.